Our Mission

We exist to translate and distribute faithful, easy-to-understand translations of the Scriptures in the world’s major languages to effectively communicate God's Word to people and help believers grow in faith.

By God’s grace we have released complete Bibles in thirteen (13) major languages and New Testaments in twenty (20) languages.



Core Values

Above everything else, we seek to glorify God. We are God centered.
Our guiding principle in translation is to help people understand God’s message and follow Jesus. We are committed to providing easy-to-understand Scripture translations.
We are committed to faithfully expressing the meaning of the Scriptures as written in the original languages. We provide accurate translations.
We believe that God gave all Scripture as His inspired revelation of truth and that it is vital for everyone. We are committed to providing complete Bibles whenever possible.
We will distribute Scriptures in the most effective ways possible including partnerships with churches and ministries. We are committed to making the Word available to everyone.
We will seek support and steward our finances with the highest integrity. We are responsible to God and our donors.