Quotes from Ministry Leaders

Effective in the field

“The Easy-to-Read Version is very helpful to reach out to the villages in our areas. Presently we have 45 churches and all these churches are using the ERVs in their outreach. To the villagers, the Bible is a Holy Book from God. When they receive the Bible, they believe that they can chase the devil away.”

“We also run the Grace Institute of Medical Sciences, wherein we offer nursing and para-medical courses for poor and under privileged students from different parts of India. Many non-Christian students receive the ERV Bible and are able to understand God’s plan for their lives. Your Bibles are very effective in the field.”

Bishop S. S. John D.D., 
President- Apostolic Churches 

Founder – Grace Institute of Medical Sciences
Andhra Pradesh

To communicate to the audience

“The new translation of the Bible by WBTC India is a boon to those doing the Lord’s ministry because the Bible can be understood even by the common man. As a person involved in media ministries, I frequently use Bible verses from this translation in my writings because I really want to communicate to my audience.”

Mr. M. B. Reginald Prithiviraj
Vision for Christ
Tamil Nadu

A word of encouragement

" I have prayed to the Almighty God with great burden to grant you His anointing and shower His grace and gifts upon you and use you as a mighty weapon for His glory. (Joshua 1:9). I believe that He will extend the territories of your ministry (Mark 16:20).”

Late Dr. D.G.S Dhinakaran, C.A.I.I.B., Ph.D
Jesus Calls

Easy to be understood

“I have seen the Telugu New Testament: Easy to read Version published by WBTC India. I have been a writer in Telugu for 30 years in many secular magazines. And when I have to speak or write in Telugu, in the Christian context, I have always rendered into my own style of Telugu. The version is easy to be understood by the non-Christian and the modern young generation who feel uneasy with the Telugu language styles of the existing version. Now, whoever did your modern version have done yeoman service to Telugu Christendom and I am extremely happy and grateful.”

Dr. N. Jayakumar Rao M.A., Hon. D.D (CA-USA)
Editor – Pulpit Helps (AMG)
Advisory Board - A M G India International
Andhra Pradesh

Making the Word of God understandable

“We are pleased to receive the New Testament Easy-to-Read Version. We appreciate your efforts in reaching people with the very essential Word of the Lord and make them understandable.”

Rev. O. Alem
Clark Theological College

Useful for non-Christians

“We praise God for you and your organization that is involved in providing God’s Word to our country. We are using your easy to read version in our evangelistic work. We find it very useful.”

Rev. D. Rajendran
The Bible League
Tamil Nadu

Common people can read and understand easily

“We are happy to know about the Easy to Read Bibles. The Easy-to-Read Scriptures is distributed to the common people who can read easily and understand easily. Please be assured of our prayers for the ministry of WBTC.”

Rev. Suranjit Bardhan
Orissa Regional Secretary – F M P B

Bible is very good

“I am writing this letter in appreciation of the good service that World Bible Translation Center India has done in preparing the Easy-to-Read Bible. The New Telugu Bible is very good and the terminology used in most of the areas is great. This version is closer to Koine Greek and it uses very common spoken language in Telugu.”

Rev. G. Moses Choudary
Maranatha Visvasa Samajam
Gayatri Nagar
Andhra Pradesh

For children with low level of education

“We are missionaries, retired from International Missions but working along with our children here. We have your easy-to-Read Telugu Bibles and would like to know if more are available. I believe they would be very helpful to the girls at our Bible School who are at a low level of education.”

Mrs. Franklin Margaret Wiig
The Bible League
Andhra Pradesh

Simple and Sweet language

“This is to thankfully acknowledge receipt of Holy Bible Easy-to-read Version. The language is so simple and sweet that the reading will be a pleasure.”

Dr. Jebaraj Samuel, M.A., B.D., M.Th., Ph.D
Former Principal and Director for Promotion & Public Relations
Hindustan Bible Institute & College