Distribution project underway in Tamilnadu

The first shipment of 35,000 NTs and 35,000 Gospels-Acts Edition in Tamil were sent by New Life Literature Mission, Sri Lanka to meet the needs of evangelists and workers in the villages and interior areas of Tamilnadu.



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God's Word in man's language

Awadhi is one of the tribal languages of North India mainly spoken in the rural areas of Uttar Pradesh and some parts of Bihar. The Awadhi population in India is about 20 million. The ERV Awadhi Project started in 1992 and the New Testament was released on August 22, 1996 in Lucknow and the complete Bible was released on December 4, 2005 in Agra.


Awadhi is spoken by 20 million people in India. The New Testament in Awadhi was released in 1996 and the Bible was released in 2005. The first edition of all the 10,000 Awadhi Bibles was shipped the same day to different locations of North India for further distribution among the Awadhi speakers.


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Pastor Joseph Singh, “We praise God for this Awadhi Bible. This is a wonderful effort by WBTC!”
Mr. Ram Sumeer (left) says, “The language of this Awadhi Bible is the language that is spoken in my village.”