About Us

World Bible Translation Center India reaches people with the Good News by providing them with easy-to-read Bibles in their own languages. The Center has produced translations of the Bible in 13 of India’s major languages and is striving to get the Word into many other languages.

The work of WBTC-India is done in the faith that all the time, devotion and finances invested here will multiply the effectiveness of efforts on the front lines of missions. From the first prayerful consideration of a new target language to the mailing of Easy-to-Read Bibles throughout India, the Center’s primary focus remains the same - "That every person may understand God's Word". And each Bible laid before the eyes of a non-believer in a language he can really understand brings the Center one step closer to that goal


The ministry of the WBTC-India has caught the imagination of thousands of believers. Their enthusiastic support and participation have made the difference in the Center’s successes in the past. And now, more than ever, their encouragement, prayers and financial contributions are causing the Center to flourish. Through the Center’s distribution of Bibles, the Word is going out to the far corners of India. And the fruit it bears confirms that the WBTC-India is being blessed by the Father who sent His only Son to save the world.